Sunday, February 28, 2016

Happy Sunday!

Happy Sunday!
It's a windy day here in Nebraska on this Sunday. Not too bad of temps, but windy. Today, my family and I plan on getting outside for a long walk. Greg, the dog, will join us. He loves to get out, but is getting old and it doesn't take him long to wear down. Last Sunday we had to go get the vehicle and haul him back to the house he had gotten so tired. It's sad to see because I know he probably doesn't have very many years left.
Then I plan on working on "The One", the 2nd book in The Everlasting Trilogy. But first, I received the 2nd round of edits back on Chasm, my Adult Suspense novel that is due out on May 5th. It's fun to see this book getting closer to being released. I plan on having another big party with lots of fun games and prizes.
Well, better get to work. Have a great Sunday everyone! Spring is getting closer!!

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