Monday, February 8, 2016

Kuhlreads Monday Motivation

Hope everyone recovered from the Super Bowl! Go Broncos!! Here is my Motivation Monday to kick start your butt in gear!
Here’s a list of 10 workouts from around the web for you to try!  I hope you find one that you LUHHHHHVE!
1. Full Body Toner from Fit Foodie Finds
2. HIIT Workout from A Healthy Life For Me 
Have you tried High Intensity Interval Training? I rarely do cardio, but when I do, this is IT.
3. Full Body Weights Circuit from Endeavor Fitness
10 Workouts from Top Fitness Bloggers That You NEED To Try! | | @FoodFaithFit
4. Tabata Time from Cotter Crunch
I’ve tried tabatas a few time and, you guys, THEY WORK.
7. Endless Summer Lower Body Workout from Strength & Sunshine
8. 4-Move Total Body Dumbbell Workout from A Lady Goes West
9. Ab Burning Routine from Fresh, Fit & Healthy 
10. Snow Day Workout with Kids from Play Across America 

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