Saturday, April 30, 2016

May Newsletter

Monthly Newsletter

May is in the air!

Well it’s the eve before May Day so I better get my newsletter done. April proved to be a busy month and May will be even busier.
Right now I’m gearing up for the release of Chasm, my Adult Suspense novel. It is going to be released into the world in just 5 days, Thursday, May 5th. I have another release party planned with all the fixins’ to make it a fun night…a slew of fine authors will be here, playing games, chatting, and giving away lots of fine prizes. I myself have 4 prizes that I will be giving away. #1 is the Rafflecopter which is going on now. Here is the link for that: #2 prize is a free EBook of Everlasting. #3 prize is an EBook of Chasm, and the #4 prize is a basket full of goodies from anything to chocolates, to coffee, to candles.
Chasm is based on a true story of a train engineer who hits and kills his wife and children on the train he is driving. He goes insane, losing his mind. I can’t say too much more for fear of giving away too many spoilers.
But here is a blurb for Chasm:
 What happens when you’re in love with your children’s abductor? 
Taylor Vine thinks she can fight off the demons of her past when she moves back home to Estill Springs, Tennessee, but it doesn’t take long to see that things aren’t quite that easy. The bumps she hears in the night soon escalate, keeping her up at nights, and it isn’t long before her most precious possessions, her children, get abducted. She finds herself in a race against time to try to find them before it’s too late. One wrong move and the outcome could be disastrous.
Don’t miss out on this awesome party and a chance to win this heart wrenching book.
Here is the link to come to the rockin' party!


Everlasting was number 1 on Kobo for 2 weeks straight in April. I was beyond excited to see that!! If you haven't read it yet, here are the links for that:

 I have finished up with the 2nd book in the Everlasting Trilogy. This book is called The Decision and is now in the editing stages. I’m hoping this book will be released sometime in the late fall or early winter.
Well, that about wraps it up for me and the newsletter. I will post more about the party as it gets closer and also the buy links for Chasm. Have a Happy Mother’s Day! It’s just around the corner!!
Best, L.K. Kuhl

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